The World Organization of China Painters Educational Art Institute
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Sponsored by the WOCP Teachers Organization

"A unique learning experience
for both students and teachers."

The Educational Art Institute is an enjoyable yet intensive, learning experience for porcelain and glass artists. It is designed for all levels and experience. The purpose of The Institute is to improve skills and techniques while increasing our knowledge of the basic art principles of drawing, design and composition, balance, color theory, value, intensity and texture.This approach will provide students an opportunity to experience multiple new ideas.


The Best Teacher is Yet to Come
The Art Institute
The Future of Porcelain Art
Techniques, Teachers, Tradition
Experimental, Challenges
Beyond your Imagination
This one you cannot miss!
Location: WOCP Museum
Date: June 24 – 28th 2018
Contact: Nancy Bergman
Registration Forms come out in Sept. 2017

WOCP Teacher Organization
Teacher Director – Nancy Bergman, MN


Assistant Director – Nancy Crites, TX

Secretary – Cynthia Pinnell, TX

Treasurer – Thelma Ingram, OK

Teacher Advisory Board:
Area I – Lisa Bonin, TX,
Area II – Eloise Pino, GA,
Area III – Gerry Burchill, NY,
Area IV – Jane Wright, IA,
Area V – Peggy Adams, MO,
Area VI – Brenda Morgan Moore, CA,





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